Eassos System Restore

Make backup copies of your computer and keep it safe


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Eassos System Restore is a practical tool to make sure you back up your entire computer so you can recover files you may lose. Now you can resolve errors after you update software without running into any problems. The simplicity of this application makes it easy to use for all kinds of users, from beginners to people who have more advanced knowledge. A wizard will guide you through this process step by step.

To make a backup copy with Eassos System Restore, you have to complete four important steps that will help you save everything you need to prevent future losses. The first step the application suggests is entering a brief note about the status of your computer so you can identify the correct backup for everything you create, though if you prefer to leave this field blank, you can keep going without a problem. After that, you have to decide which part of the hard drive you want to backup and where you want to send the final result.

Once you've made the backup copy, you can rest assured that when you install a new application or get system updates, all your files will be fine. If you have a problem with damaged files or you just want to restore an old configuration, you can choose the second option of Eassos System Restore, which is restoring. From there, a list will drop down with all the copies that you've previously made. You can check the notes for each to remind yourself which copy is which.

Creating and restoring backups takes more or less time depending on the total size of the backup copy. You can also add a secure password to all your computer backups so no one can copy your configuration or get access to personal data, either by accessing it through Eassos System Restore or through any other restoration program.

This version only works for a 15-day trial.

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